Saturday, March 25, 2017

Just some old pictures 

Rebecca and I at a Mother Daughter tea.


My mother, Beulah and I 

My mother's parents, my grandparents, Rosa Ann Ritter and David Henry Wells. Grandma was Scot/Irish, German and Native American. Grandpa was Welsh/Scot/Irish.

My daughter, Rebecca Sue Lott when she took ballet.

Thrush Family
Wilford, Linda, Richard, Beulah 
and me, Aleta
about 1954

Sam Dunbar -deceased
Childhood friend and past Pastor of St. Louis Church of God,
St. Louis, Michigan

Me with my Daddy and my little girl,
Rebecca Sue.

Fall in northwestern Michigan's 
Lower Peninsula

Lynn Cat
Becca's kitty

Candied apples I made for Halloween

Howard and Aleta Erskin's wedding April 10, 1970
                                          My father and me getting ready to go down the aisle.

My father, Wilford Thrush, Me, with my little niece Linda in the pew.
    Wedding receiving line.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Erskin

Cutting the cake.
Feeding a big bite to Howard

Wedding party. left to right: Peggy Jean Eastman, Carolyn Anderson, Aleta Thrush-Erskin, Howard Erskin, ? , my brother, John Thrush

Just the girls
Peggy, Aleta, Carolyn, & Linda in front.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord lift His countenance upon you. 
And be gracious unto you.

St. Louis 

I can not remember where I found this but it seemed interesting, so I decided I'd post it.

Family Ties

Between the daylight and darkness,
 At the ending of every day,
There's a sight that's very special,
 Quite remarkable - I'd say.

It's the home fires that are burning,
 It's the love in this family life,
As parents and children gather,
 At the ending of daily strife.

It's a mother's loving kindness,
 That brightens up a home,
It's a father's knowing wisdom,
 That guides us 'til we're grown.

This bond of love and caring,
 Gives foundation to our lives,
As we thank God for our blessings,
 Our parents for family ties.

Written by Aleta A. Thrush 1990